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Prep Comm III Video Diaries

These video diaries introduce some of the key personalities involved in the Earth Summit 2002 process. The diaries offer their thoughts and views on the process so far. The audio feed is also available for faster download time. We will be inviting more of the key players to provide video diaries at future international meetings in preparation for Earth Summit 2002.


Richard Ballhorn - Canada & WSSD Bureau Vice Chair

Video - 2.5MB 

Audio - 1MB

Jonathan Margolis - USA

Video I - Process Overview - 2.4MB

Video II - Interesting Initiatives - 1.7MB

Audio - 1.5MB 


Derek Osborn

Stakeholder Forum

Video - 2.4MB

Audio - 1.5MB

Margaret Brusasco Mackenzie

Stakeholder Forum

Video - 2.7MB

Audio - 1.6MB

Paul Tennessee

World Confederation of Labour

Video - 1.6MB

Audio - 0.7MB

Kevin Dunion

 Friends of the Earth Scotland

Video - 1.9MB

Audio - 0.8MB

Michael Dorsey

Justice and Sustainability Associates

Video - 1.7MB

Audio - 1MB

Clarisse Sieber

 Youth Summit

Video - 2.2MB

Audio - 0.9MB

Harsh Jaitli

Participatory Research in Asia

Video - 2.2MB

Audio - 1.4MB


Emad Adly

 Arab Network for Environment & Development

Video - 2.1MB

Audio - 1.2MB