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Prep Comm II Video Diaries

These video diaries introduce some of the key personalities involved in the Earth Summit 2002 process. The diaries offer their thoughts and views on the process so far. The video links are zipped files, using Winzip, for ease of download. The audio feed is also available for faster download time. We will be inviting more of the key players to provide video diaries at future international meetings in preparation for Earth Summit 2002.


Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin - Egypt & WSSD Bureau Vice Chair

Video - 1.1MB

Audio - 0.09MB

United Nations

Adnan Amin - UNEP Regional Office for North America

Video - 1.3MB

Audio - 0.1MB

Laura Williamson - UNEP Trade & Ind.

Video - 0.9MB

Audio - 0.07MB



Annabell Waitu - Environment Liaison Centre International

Video - 1.7MB

Audio - 0.1MB

Dee Mashinini - Johannesburg World Summit Company (JOWSCO)

Video - 1.8MB

Audio - 0.15MB

Felix Dodds - Stakeholder Forum

Video - 0.6MB

Audio - 0.05MB

Jan Peterson - Huairou Commission

Video - 1.4MB

Audio - 0.2MB

Jocelyn Dow - Women's Environment & Development Organisation

Video - 2.2MB

Audio - 0.18MB

Kenny Bruno - Corp. Watch

Video - 0.7MB

Audio - 0.05MB

Pieter van der Gaag - ANPED

Video - 0.7MB

Audio - 0.06MB

Leif Holmberg - International Youth Coalition

Video - 1.5MB

Audio - 0.1MB

Lord Richard Holme - Business Action for Sustainable Development

Video - 0.8MB

Audio - 0.07MB

Peter Ritchie - Johannesburg World Summit Company (JOWSCO)

Video - 0.9MB

Audio - 0.07MB