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Earth Summit 2002 Calendar

Main Events:

26th Aug – 4th Sept


United Nations

Sandton Convention Centre, Jo’burg

17th Aug - 7th Sept

Ubuntu Village & Exhibition


Wanderers Stadium, Jo’burg

19th Aug – 4th Sept

Global People’s Forum

Global People’s Forum Secretariat

NASREC, Jo’burg

Parallel Events:



20th - 29th Aug Indigenous Peoples’ International Summit on Sustainable Development Hoffe Park Conference Centre, Kimberly

21st – 23rd Aug

Responsible Tourism in Destinations

World Tourism Organisation et al

Holiday Inn, Cape Town

22nd – 23rd Aug

Second South-South Biopiracy Summit “Biopiracy – Ten Years Post-Rio” – Biowatch SA

St Stithians College, Jo’burg

22nd – 25th Aug

Envirolaw Conference 2002

Envirolaw Solutions

International Convention Centre, Durban

24th – 26th Aug

Implementation Conference

Stakeholder Forum

Indaba Hotel / IUCN Centre, Jo’burg

25th - 30th Aug Women’s Action Tent – WEDO & Ilitha Labantu Global People’s Forum, Jo’burg

25th Aug – 31st Sept

Fashioning a New Deal: Assessing Our Progress – ICFTU

Pereton Hotel, Jo’burg

25th Aug – 2nd Sept

World Sustainability Hearings

Earth Island Institute

TBC, Jo’burg

25th Aug – 4th Sept

Summit Institute for Sustainable Development

Smithsonian Institute, SAME, UNITAR)

TBC, Jo’burg

26th Aug – 30th Sept

Science & The Summit


CSIR Conference Centre, Pretoria

26th Aug – 4th Sept

IUCN Environment Centre


Nedcor Bank HQ, Jo’burg

27th – 28th Aug

World Forum on Sustainable Development 2002: Economy, Environment, Society – IRFD

Birchwood Hotel, Jo’burg

27th – 29th Aug

Local Government Session – Local Action Moves the World ICLEI

Sandton Crowne Plaza, Jo’burg

28th Aug – 3rd Sept

Water Dome

African Water Task Force

The Dome, Jo’burg

29th – 30th Aug

Aspiration & Reality: Building Sustainability

RICS Foundation

Indaba Hotel, Jo’burg

29th – 30th Aug

Parliamentary Meeting

Inter-parliamentary Union

TBC, Jo’burg

29th – 30th Aug Parliamentary Workshop on Clean Air & Clean Water – Parliamentarians for Global Action Summer Place Hotel, Jo’burg

1st Sept

Lekgotla: Business Day

Business Action for Sustainable Development

Hilton Hotel, Jo’burg

2nd – 4th Sept

Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative Roundtable


TBC, Jo’burg