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Contact Name: David Woollcombe


Web-address: www.peacechild.org


Summary of the organisation: mission: empowering young people; Peace Child is a youth-led organisation working from a residential headquarters near Cambridge, England, where young people from around the world staff regional desks, manage all projects with two adult managers. Projects are implemented through a network of some 500-youth eco-groups in 155 countries around the world;


Summary of key projects/fields of work: implementation of Chapter 36 of Agenda21 with full "reorientation of education  towards sustainable development"; youth participation in Agenda 21 implementation through the promotion of

youth-led action projects in the field of sustainable development - the "Be the Change!" project;


New Projects include: 'Rescue Mission 2002' - a youth-driven update on the implementation of Agenda 21 since 1992. Further books and publications on youth involvement in sustainable development issues; 'Living Citizenship' - enabling young people to experience the power of citizenship through practical experience rather than classroom teaching;


Orgnisations Coverage: International


Key partners/links: UN CSD; UNEP; UNDP; UNICEF; UNESCO; United Games + every single one of the 500+ youth eco-groups in 155 countries around the world who are part of the Peace Child family.