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Contact: Victoria Elias


Web-site: http://accord.cis.lead.org


Aim: ECO was established in 1992 with the main goal to contribute to the transition to sustainable development by:

  • Searching new approaches and solutions for environmental, economic and social problems at all levels;

  • Raising broad public awareness on issues of development and survival of humankind;

  • Promoting and contributing to multi-stakeholder co-operation at all levels.

Key Projects: Participation in the elaboration of the Environmental Action Programme for Central and Eastern Europe at UNECE level. Currently ECO-Accord works on the EAP implementation. Since 1997 ECO-Accord has been a member of the Interagency Working Commission for the Russian NEHAP. ECO-Accord hosts the co-ordination Unit and Information Service of the European ECO-Forum, in the framework of the Pan-European ‘Environment for Europe’ (UNECE) and ‘Environment & Health’ (WHO) processes. www.eco-forum.org


Key Partners: Network of over 1500 NGOs & other Stakeholders


Geographical Coverage: NIS Region