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Contact Name: Dr. Ashok Khosla


Website: www.devalt.org, www.peoplefirstindia.org


Summary of the organisation: Development Alternatives and its associated organisation TARA and People First work to create sustainable livelihoods on a large scale. They utilise front line technologies to create these livelihoods. The Development Alternatives Group is among the premier NGOs in India working in the fields of environment, appropriate technologies, institutional governance systems, rural development and E-commerce.


Summary of key projects/fields of work:

  • Regional Planning and GIS

  • Clean technologies for industries and communities

  • Low cost construction materials

  • Handmade recycled paper

  • Land and water management

  • E-commerce for rural areas

Organisations Coverage: National/Regional/International Key


Partners/links: Member of Earth Council, IUCN, WWF, RING and other civil society networks.