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Contact Name: Pieter J. van der Gaag

Executive Director,


Web Address: www.anped.org


Summary of the Organisation: ANPED is an international network of NGOs in the UN ECE area. Our mission is to empower Northern civil society in creating and protecting sustainable communities and societies world-wide. We do this by building capacity among northern civil society organisations through sharing of information, knowledge and skills; and by enabling informed and effective democratic participation by civil society in local, national, regional and international decision-making on sustainable development policy and practices.


Key programmes are:

 1)Sustainable Production and Consumption, which includes campaigns on corporate accountability, genetic engineering, extended producer responsibility, subsidy reform, clean production, and more.

2) Local Sustainability, which includes campaigns on Local Agenda 21 and participatory democracy (most recently a regional democracy campaign in the Balkans),

3) Health and Environment, mostly focussed on the WHO process on Health and Environment, as well as reproductive health and freshwater.

4) International Political Processes, which means that ANPED follows key international political processes related to Sustainable Development.


Regions Covered: ANPED covers the regions North America, Western, Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States.


Key partners: 150 Member Organisations. Key partnerships with the Earth Council, the Regional Environment Centre, ICLEI, and ELCI.