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Emad Adly

Arab Network for Environment & Development

14 Abul Mahasen Street


Tel:  202 304 1634

Fax: 202 304 163 5

Email: aoye@ritsec1.com.eg

Web: www.aoye.org


Magdi Ibrahim

Environment Development Action in the Third World - ENDA

196 Quartier OLM



Tel: 212 775 641 4/641 5

Fax: +212 775 641 3

Email: endamaghreb@enda.org.ma

Web: www.enda.sn/maghreb/endamag.htm


Barbara Gemmill

Environment Liaison Centre International

ELCI Office for Africa

PO Box 72461



Tel: 254 2 576119 

Fax: 254 2 576125

Email: wlci@elci.sasa.unep.org

Web: http://www.elci.org

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Hon Gwen Mahlangu MP

GLOBE International

GLOBE South Africa

PO Box 898

Pretoria 0151

South Africa

Tel: + 27 12 543 0420

Fax: + 27 12 403 3614

Email: gmahlangu@anc.org.za

Web: www.globesa.org


Neil van Heerden

South Africa Foundation

PO Box 7006

Johannesburg 2000

Pilrig Place

5 Eton Road

Parktown 2193

South Africa

Tel: +27 11 356 4650

Fax: +27 11 726 4705

Email: safound@attglobal.net

Web: www.safoundation.org.za

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Klaus Töpfer

United Nations Environment Programme

Office of the Executive Director

PO Box 30552



Tel:  254 262 1234

Fax: 254 262 3927

Email:  cpiinfo@unep.org

Web:  www.unep.org