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About these resources


National Review


The national review is the first critical step towards the global review process that is taking place in the run up to Earth Summit 2002. The review is an attempt to look at key areas of progress, blocks and develop future proposals for the further implementation of Agenda 21* beyond 2002. As no common framework for the national review formally exists, the following documents aim to provide a basic resource to assist the process. The documents are designed as forms, for governments and other stakeholders to adapt and use as they require.


National Reporting Template


The first document is a form outlining the principle time-bound commitments in Agenda 21 that governments and other stakeholders agreed to undertake as specific activities from implementing sustainable development in the years after 1992. The document provides a generic template to review, step by step, whether the commitments in Agenda 21 have been met on a country by country basis.


Issue-based commitments 


The second set of documents are a series of issue-based templates, to be used by any national stakeholder. They provide a template form, which can be filled out in word to review stakeholder progress on issue specific commitments made in 1992.  


* Agenda 21 - the global action plan for Sustainable Development agreed by governments at the first Earth Summit in 1992.