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Agence Science Presse

Agence Science-Presse is the only French-speaking scientific press agency in the world. It covers a variety of scientific and technological issues for French-speaking medias since 1978. It has also created, on its web site, an "Environmental Newstand" http://www.sciencepresse.qc.ca/kiosqueenviro.html, which will be particularly active during Earth Summit.



Earthscan Publications Ltd

Earthscan is widely recognized as the UK's leading publisher of books on environment and sustainable development. Our publishing aim is to increase understanding of environmental issues and their implications at all levels, from the local to the global, and to influence opinion and policy in ways that promote sustainable forms of development. Our distribution is worldwide and our readership includes general readers, academics, professionals, business people and policy makers. We make every effort to ensure that our books are distributed effectively in developing countries.




European Environmental Press

The European Environmental Press (EEP) a Europe-wide association of ten environmental magazines. Each member is considered the leader in its country and is committed to building links between 400,000 environmental professionals across Europe in both the public and private sectors. The EEP is unique in bringing together the leading national business- to business magazines as an expert network for the dissemination of high quality environmental information throughout Europe.




Institute for the Advancement of Journalism

The IAJ is supporting the media aspects of the WSSD through a number of initiatives. In the period before the Summit, it is running a free one-week training programme for journalists from South Africa and the southern African region on 'Covering the WSSD'. This programme (July 29-August 2) has two elements: sessions on the logistics of covering a major international event, and discussion panels and practical story assignments designed to help news-writers engage with the topics of debate at the Summit.

In the following week, the IAJ Corporate Media Training Unit is running a free course for the media spokespeople of non-governmental organisation, designed to help them formulate messages and strategies for the summit, write effective press releases and handle interview situations.

During the Summit itself, the IAJ will be the newsroom for a joint project with the University of the Witwatersrand and Rhodes University. Student journalists will be mentored as they report, research and write stories on events at the Summit for a number of outlets, including the Summit Star
newspaper, published by the Independent Group which will be distributed free  to all delegates.