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Business Action for Sustainable Development

A joint intiative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) – Business Action for Sustainable Development has been formed to ensure business rallies its collective forces for the second UN Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002. A key feature of the BASD initiative is the mobilization and presentation of business organisations’ own initiatives which demonstrate progress in addressing the challenges issued in Agenda 21, and in support of a series of events leading up to, and including, the Johannesburg Summit.




Business Council for Sustainable Development: South Africa

The Business Council for Sustainable Development: South Africa, (formerly known as The Industrial Environmental Forum of Southern Africa) is a regional partner of the WBCSD. the BCSD: SA provides a forum for businesses in South Africa that are concerned about deteriorating environmental conditions, and who wish to contribute their skills and insight to develop or share sustainable corporate ideas. Sustainability principles underpin the philosophy of the organisation. The BCSD: SA is dedicated to providing a platform from which members can benefit from  increased business opportunities, employee empowerment, stakeholder confidence and shareholder return. This is achieved through the use of an extensive network for the transfer and sharing of information and knowledge, as well as by providing essential frameworks and tools for environmental managers and CEOs.



Business Partners for Development

Dealing with tri-sectoral partnerships to bring water and sanitation to the poor, the BPD water and sanitation cluster lies at the crux of two core themes for the WSSD, namely; partnerships and water & sanitation. The newly launched BPD WSSD portal provides links to other water related initiatives, and offers notes elaborating on the benefits and risks of partnerships in this sector.



EURO-ENVIRONMENT 2002 Conference

The third international biennial business conference on sustainable performance: "Business, the global sustainability agent!" will take place from 21st to 23rd October in Aalborg, Denmark. 6˝ weeks after WSSD business and stakeholders can meet to reflect on the summit outcome, and present their way forward. WSSD is one milestone towards sustainable development, but the 'will to change' and 'licence to operate' lies in the hand of business, presenting transparent Visions, Strategies and most important Actions. The conference organizers aim at convening key actors from WSSD, discussing "Corporate Citizenship", "Governance", "Global financing", "Corporate Globalisation", and "Supply Chain Mangement" together with actors from 7 business sectors presenting topical business cases. It is time to "walk the talk". Find programme, registration, and updates at:



International Chamber of Commerce

ICC promotes an open international trade and investment system and the market economy. Its conviction that trade is a powerful force for peace and prosperity dates from the organization's origins early in the last century. The small group of far-sighted business leaders who founded ICC called themselves "the merchants of peace".





The Johannesburg World Summit Company (JOWSCO) has been formed by the South African government to manage and co-ordinate activities up to and including the Summit.




RICS Foundation

The RICS Foundation is a world wide charitable organisation devoted to issues surrounding sustainability in the built and natural environments, both urban and rural. The Foundation promotes, supports and funds research, but also acts as the interface between the public, private and not for profit bodies in this area. As such, it is unique. The aim is to seek to enhance the quality of life for us all. We support the work of the Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future. The RICS Foundation is to run a 2 day event within the Earth Summit, showcasing case studies from around the world, highlighting the role and contribution (warts and all) of the private sector to sustainability in construction and property.






South Africa Foundation

The South Africa Foundation is an association of South Africa's largest corporations and major multinational companies with a significant presence in South Africa. The Foundation is the independent, non-partisan voice of South African business leadership. It is financed entirely by private subscription from its corporate members to promote the interests of South Africa and its people. The foundation seeks to formulate and express coordinated view on macro-economic and other national issues and to promote the interests and further growth of South Africa's private sector both domestically and internationally.





"Waterbuydirect.com is where you can quench your thirst for the latest in information and news in Consumer and Business to Business purchasing trends, as well as gathering some interesting water facts and figures. It's an online venue where you can express your opinions, offer tips, and contribute information you feel would be of true value to global viewers. We must acknowledge that we have many problems to overcome in this world when it comes to water safety." 



World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a coalition of 125 international companies united by a shared commitment to the environment and to the principles of economic growth and sustainable development. In broad terms, the WBCSD aims to develop closer co-operation between business, government and all other organizations concerned with the environment and sustainable development. We also seek to encourage high standards of environmental management in business itself.