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City Life Initiative Launched

City Life

A Multimedia initiative about the impact of globalization

Ten years after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, the world's nations will gather again in Johannesburg next September to review progress and plan for the future. Preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 are well under way, emphasising a transparent and participatory approach. This electronic forum hopes to initiate a focused and constructive public discussion on some of the priority issues. We invite people to share their ideas, knowledge and diverse perspectives. The results of the debate will be taken forward to inform the next preparatory meeting for Rio+10 / Earth Summit 2002.

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Debate Summaries:

4 Week Summary Report - pdf Format

Week 1: How can cities be made part of a sustainable future? Pdf Summary - Rich Text Format Summary

Week 2: How to achieve more effective participation of marginalised communities in decision-making processes? Pdf Summary - Rich Text Format Summary 

Week 3: HIV/AIDS is a great threat to sustainable development; how can multi-sectoral responses be developed to influence government policies and pharmaceutical companies on this issue? How can Earth Summit 2002 tackle the wider question of equitable health care? Pdf Summary - Rich Text Format Summary

Week 4: How can multi-national companies be influenced to adopt corporate citizenship and accountability for sustainable development? Who are the key actors and what are the main barriers? What strategies could Earth Summit 2002 develop to address this issue? Pdf Summary - Rich Text Format Summary

Lifeonline is a multimedia initiative providing audiences around the world with information about the impact of globalization on the poverty and social development agenda of the June 2001 Istanbul +5 meeting (the review of the 1996 Habitat City Summit), as well as the upcoming Rio+10 review of the 1992 Earth Summit scheduled for 2002.

UNED Forum* has produced a series of briefing sheets on key international processes underpinning the LIFE II series. All briefing sheets are available as pdf files.


These short Briefing Sheets aim to outline key issues covered within each topic and to act as sign-posting to further information sources and official documentation. Within the confines of space, a broad-brush approach is taken rather than a specific in-depth look at the issues. Many issues are cross-cutting so we encourage you to investigate further.

Target audience: anyone with a general interest in sustainable development.

If you have any questions regarding the information given in the briefing sheets, please contact Jan McHarry at life@earthsummit2002.org

Project Coordination: Jasmin Enayati, UNED Forum at jenayati@earthsummit2002.org

Partner Organisations:





Women's Feature Service (WFS)

The Lifeonline multimedia initiative is made possible by the generous support of the National Lotteries Charities Board, United Kingdom.