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Lifeonline Earth Summit 2002 Online Debate

WHEN: Throughout September 2001. The best time to subscribe is now!

Week 1 (3 - 9 September)
How can cities be made part of a sustainable future? What are the key barriers, good models, roles and responsibilities involved in improving 21st century urban life? How should Earth Summit 2002 address this issue?

Week 2 (10 - 16 September)
How can marginalized people participate effectively in today’s globalised world? What are the roles and responsibilities of key actors? What obstacles and processes should be addressed at Earth Summit 2002 to tackle this issue?

Week 3 (17 - 23 September)
HIV/AIDS is a great threat to sustainable development; how can multi-sectoral responses be developed to influence government policies and pharmaceutical companies on this issue? How can Earth Summit 2002 tackle the wider question of equitable health care?

Week 4 (24 – 30 September)
How can multi-national companies be influenced to adopt corporate citizenship and accountability for sustainable development? Who are the key actors and what are the main barriers? What strategies could Earth Summit 2002 develop to address this issue?

If those questions trouble you, please join us to discuss them.

HOW: To subscribe to the debate, visit www.lifeonline.org/debate and click the 'Join the Debate' link on the web page to register. You can then contribute to the debate and receive the moderated debate messages by email or just follow the debate on the web.

The debate will be moderated by UNED Forum with support from Lifeonline partners TVE, One World and PANOS.

We will produce weekly summaries and a final report of the discussions, analysing the results and different viewpoints and recommendations. The report will be widely disseminated to policy-makers and all other interested stakeholders engaged in the 2nd PrepCom of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (New York, January 2002) and be made available online.
More information is available at www.lifeonline.org
Join us throughout September for a lively discussion. Visit www.lifeonline.org/debate
Please circulate this invitation to your networks, colleagues and friends as you see fit.
Questions? E-mail the moderator Jasmin Enayati, UNED Forum at jenayati@earthsummit2002.org