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A range of inter-active national review materials for governments & major groups Briefing papers on the key issues along with toolkits of information The archive of our monthly online newsletter, Network 2002 Arranged by majorgroup - links of the key players Our supporting partners from around the world
Stakeholder Forum's main event for Earth Summit 2002... An information resource for Multi-Stakeholder Processes Maps out the Sustainable Development agenda from Rio to Johannesburg An archive of every major decision and agreement on the Sustainable Development agenda Toolkits for each of the major UN Global Summits

About this web-site

About this site

This site-guide takes you down through www.earthsummit2002.org explaining what each resource is and why its there.


About Earth Summit 2002

This concise report gives you an overview of what Earth Summit 2002 is, where it came from and what it will try to do. Taking a historical look at the Sustainable Development Agenda, About Earth Summit 2002 helps the reader get the more out of the resources on this site.


Global Preparations

An event by event guide to the global preparatory process including the summit itself. Each link provides stakeholder positions, official outcome documents and key links.


Implementation Conference

UNED Forum's main event for Earth Summit 2002. Taking place a week before the Summit, the Implementation Conference will bring representatives from a range of different stakeholder groups to South Africa to establish partnerships designed to aid the implementation of Agenda 21 and the outcomes of the Summit itself.


Issues Page

Here we identify the key issue likely to be addressed by the Summit, framed in our Briefing Papers. These papers look at the history of negotiations around each issue, review regional perspectives and look at stakeholder roles and responsibilities for addressing the issue. In support we have developed information resource toolkits, offering key documents for each issue and links to key organisations and online resources.



Broken down by Major Group, these links guide you through the world of organisations involved in sustainable development. We also you an executive summary of each organisation introducing you to what they do.


Multi-Stakeholder Processes

Links you to UNED Forumís Multi-Stakeholder Process (MSPs) project web-site. Included are guides on conducting MSPs, links to MSPs and the organisations & agencies who have hosted them. A key resource for Multi-Stakeholder participation at the Summit.

National Preparations


National Resources

A range of resources for national preparations and review for the Summit. Including National Review templates on each of the key issues from Agenda 21, a review document to assess implementation of all the time fixed targets from Agenda 21, links to each available National Strategy for Sustainable Development - due by 2002 and links to key national groups involved in the process.


Network 2002 Archive

Network 2002 is our monthly e-newsletter reporting on preparations for Earth Summit 2002. Including and engaging all related issues, processes and stakeholders, Networkís purpose is to keep your finger on the Sustainable Development pulse in the run up to the Summit.



Hosted and updated daily on the homepage, our news feature is also archived and expanded on the News Archive page. Our News section provides links to stories and reports which reflect and support issues and processes being addressed in the run up to the Summit.



UNED Forumís partners are some of the leading sustainable development organisations from around the world. They include many of the international Major Group and Stakeholder networks involved in the Earth Summit 2002 process. The Partners section provides links, contact details and executive summaries helping you to understand and link into the key players on the way to Johannesburg.


Regional Preparations

Provides links to each of the Regional Preparatory Committee meetings, including links to official documents, Major Group position and key links.


Roadmap to 2002

The Roadmap to 2002 tracks key the development of the sustainable development agenda, issue by issue. Each Issue Roadmap links into the outcome documents and decision of key meetings that have taken place and links to upcoming meetings. There is also expert analysis for each issue and executive summaries of the key agencies involved.


Site Map

The Site Map unravels www.earthsummit2002.org showing you whatís where and how to get there.


UN Documents

The Sustainable Development agenda has been developed by numerous UN agencies through the annual sessions and meetings. The UN Documents page links you to the decisions which count from all the related bodies within the UN system.


Updates Archive

Also hosted on the homepage, Earth Summit Updates keep you linked to key events and resources dedicated purely to the Summit.One of the core pages of the site, The 2002 Page focuses specifically on Summit preparations. This includes links to outcomes of key meetings, links to specific 2002 online resources and to documents which underpin the process.


World Summits

In addition to the Earth Summit process the last decade has seen a number of other Summit processes. The World Summitís page provides introductory toolkits to each summit process, engaging their vital work into the Earth Summit process.