Statement by Nigeria at the first preparatory committee meeting to the World Summit on Sustainable Development

Mr. Chairman, 


On behalf of the Nigerian delegation, I wish to congratulate you and the members the Bureau on your election. From the wealth of your experience, we are confident that you would discharge your duties effectively. The Nigerian delegation would like to associate itself with the views expressed by the distinguished representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of the Group of 77 and China. 


This tenth session of the Commission of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) is very crucial as it is acting as the first preparatory meeting for the ten-year review of progress achieved in the implementation of the outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). This meeting sets the agenda and programme leading to a successful World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002. It should be pointed out that new and emerging issues are to be addressed within the framework of the implementation of Agenda 21, and that Agenda 21 should under no circumstances be renegotiated. 


The General Assembly resolution 55/199 remains the guide and reference point for activities of the preparatory process and the Summit itself. It should be absolutely clear that the Bureau for the CSD-10 must remain the only coordinating body of the review process, and that no parallel process be entertained.



Mr. Chairman,


The Government of Nigeria supports global and regional efforts that promote the implementation of Agenda 21. Nigeria participated actively in the preparatory processes leading to the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. We hosted the first African regional post-Rio Workshop on the implementation of Agenda 21 in 1993. In preparation of the Johannesburg Summit, the West African sub-regional preparatory meeting for the WSSD will be held in Abuja, Nigeria from 2Sth -28th June 2001. 


At the national level, we have launched our local Agenda 21. The preparation of the document which involved the active participation of all major groups and stakeholders, is based on the global Agenda 21 adapted to our local needs. We have initiated actions for our national preparatory process for the WSSD. A National Committee for the review of Rio +10 and preparation of the WSSD has been established, involving the government and all relevant stakeholders. The Committee is an extension of the existing National Committee on the implementation of our local Agenda 21. 


Mr. Chairman, 


The Nigerian delegation believes that the Rio+ 10 review process should be thorough and transparent, and should highlight the gains, weaknesses and failures over the last ten years in the implementation of the global agreements reached in Rio. It should also recommend the way forward. Unfortunately, in the implementation of Agenda 21 so far, the principle of common but differentiated responsibility has been neglected which is why no substantive action has been taken to address the critical issues relating to means of implementation.


The preparatory process and the Summit itself must treat, cross-sectoral issues within each sectoral theme, to adequately ensure that flow of financial resources, including financial mechanism, technological transfer, and capacity-building, especially to the developing countries, are properly addressed. This will enable developing countries to achieve sustainable development, particularly in area of poverty eradication. Furthermore, poverty eradication which is the foremost priority in the developing countries must be prominent in the review process.


We welcome the involvement of major groups as identified in the Agenda 21, but must emphasize that the Rio + 10 review process should remain an intergovernmental affair .


In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, my delegation supports the view that all the issues intended for inclusion in the agenda of the WSSD should be brought into the preparatory process so that governments and other relevant stakeholders will have opportunity to discuss them before the Summit.


Thank you.