Postcards from Bergen

Ghana's Minister Avoka and UNED's Derek Osborn take a moment to compare notes

  UNEP's Bakary Kante and Anantha Krishnan relax between meetings    

Typical NGO's; Norwegian Forum's Jan-Gustav Strandenaes & UNED's Felix Dodds pose for the cameras

Minister Avoka takes his place at the Dialogues

Derek Osborn & UK Minister Meacher compare notes about the weather

A chance to unwind, UNED's Danielle Morely and Minu Hemmati enjoy the beautiful Norwegian Fjords   

Olav Fjell of Stat Oil and Kaarin Taipale of ICLEI bring a range of stakeholders perspectives to the process

UNED's Derek Osborn Chairs to dialogues   

Dialogue sessions in process

NGO's at leisure - our Norwegian hosts provide the scenery